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It was late, around 1 in the morning. Demyx crept quietly away from Zexion's room where he had fallen asleep. Lack of pictures in Zexion's book had that effect on Demyx, and he was trying to get better at staying awake, though it didn't seem to have an effect. Sleepily, he remembered waking up. Zexion, who was a bright red in the face, said he had fallen asleep against his shoulder about halfway through the novel he had been reading aloud. If only he would have used pictures, thought Demyx. Though the thought lingered, Demyx made it his priority to get back to his own room. He silently made his way down the long, narrow, white hallway to his room. The only way he could see much of anything around this place, since there wasn't really a night or day at Castle Oblivion, was the light from Kingdom Hearts. Ever since he had joined the Organization XIII, Xemnas had always stressed the importance of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts viewing. So there was hardly a room without a window throughout the castle. even the halls had giant floor-to-ceiling windows every few feet. Demyx was almost to his bedroom door when he nearly tripped on something. He regained himself and looked down to see what nearly blew his cover. A small purebred Heartless stood where Demyx once was, its yellow eyes glowing.
"Oh, hey there Chester!" Demyx whispered. "Didn't expect you to be out here of all places. How did you get out of my room? I know I had the door closed."
Demyx picked his little shadow up and continued down the hallway. In the distance, from what seemed to be from behind him, there was a shuffling noise, like someone hurrying away. Demyx looked back. "Hello? Is anyone there?" Demyx asked the noise.
The noise presented itself again from behind Demyx. He turned to where he heard the noise once more. "I-I have a Heartless and I'm not afraid to use him!" Demyx said a bit shakily to the noise.
He lingered in the silence and near-darkness a little while more, just to see if the noise would show its maker. With no other movement besides Demyx's breathing, he continued down the hallway. A little further down, Demyx stood in front of the door with the Roman numeral "IX" embedded in the door's white painted woodwork. He put Chester down for a moment to open the door. As he reached for the brass doorknob, something or someone grabbed his wrist. He looked at where the arm came from. Xigbar was standing there, his black and gray striped ponytail slightly wet and hanging down from his right shoulder. His golden eye had a hint of anger in it, yet also a flick of playfulness entered. Xigbar, without a hint of mercy, shoved Demyx up against the door and pinned his wrists to it firmly. A sly smile crossed his scarred face.
"I've been waiting for you, Demy..." Xigbar whispered, his voice trailing off, and his face getting closer and closer to Demyx's.
"W-waiting? Why?" Demyx stuttered.
"So we can have fun together. I already know some games we can play," Xigbar hissed, his lips almost touching Demyx's, his grip tightening on Demyx's wrists.
Demyx blushed deeply at this encounter with his fellow Organization XIII memeber. A pained look manifested itself on Demyx's face as his and Xigbar's lips brushed. He tried to sink back with embarrassment, but to no avail. Demyx lowered his head slightly, his lips slightly parted and his bright blue eyes slightly open.
"So that's how it's gonna be? Well, two can play this!" Xigbar roared, infuriated with the mulleted youth's retaliation. He let go of one of Demyx's wrists and opened the door. He pushed Demyx inside and came in behind him. Chester came in as well, but he rushed to Demyx's closet with all of his sitar stuff and his backup robes and some street clothes. Xigbar slammed the door shut behind him. Demyx slowly backed up in the big, white room covered in disorganized piles of clothes and comic books. Xigbar advanced fast. Demyx walked faster, but in the process stumbled over a large pile of comic books in front of his bed. He fell backwards, and Xigbar, seeing his opportunity, leaped toward Demyx and pinned him to the white-sheeted bed. Xigbar leaned over Demyx with a sly, almost scary look to him.
"Xigbar, what are you-"
"Shut up! You've had absolutely nothing to do with me for the past two months! It's all been with Zexion! Everything about Zexion! I've had to hold in my feelings for all this time while you were off enjoying yourself with Zexion! It's been too long since we did anything together! It's time that you became mine, not stupid Zexion's!" Xigbar's emotions poured out in these words.
"What? Why would you think that I've been choosing Zexion over you?" Demyx said, looking into Xigbar's golden eye and eyepatch with sadness and innocence. His blue eyes seemed to search Xigbar's, swimming back and forth, seeing every inch of what he felt, what he wanted, every intention he had and would have.
Suddenly Demyx's door busted open. Zexion appeared in the doorway, his shoulder length bangs in his eyes, huffing as if he had rushed a long way to get to Demyx's room, his hand on the door. Because of his short stature it probably took more effort for Zexion to get here.
"Xigbar, what the heck are you doing to Demyx? Get off him, you pervy pirate!" Zexion said, angered.
Demyx and Xigbar both looked towards the door at Zexion. "Zexion, I-" Demyx started.
"I told you to shut up! Now, what do you want, you little emo brat?" Xigbar snarled.
"I told you to get off of him, pirate!" Zexion repeated, louder this time.
"Oh, ha ha, just so you can steal him back? And take what I own? I don't think so, brat!" Xigbar yelled.
"Xigbar, I told you it's not like that!" Demyx said.
"I told you to be quiet, Demyx! This is between me and your little friend! You stay out of this!" Xigbar snarled at Demyx.
"That was my intention, you little pervert, to take Demyx back! He's mine, not yours! He even chose me over you!" Zexion shouted.
"Oh, don't you even get started on that! He likes me better than he will ever like you!" Xigbar retorted.
"Well then why not let HIM decide!" Zexion angrily said. He and Xigbar turned towards Demyx.
"So, who do you like better Demyx? Tell us!" Xigbar and Zexion said in unison.
This story just came out of the top of my head. I don't even know why or how this happened, but to all you fangirls (and boys!) out there, enjoy! This story is of a love triangle between the Kingdom Hearts characters Xigbar, Zexion and Demyx. This story has some of the adventures they take in their situation.
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gilbertnythrait Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Super jai compris ce que vous voulier me dire un petit peu juste que vous nen savoer pas plus mais je ne peux pas traduire lautre phrases alors pourier vous traduire en francais sil vous plait aller sur mon profil et sur kh sora expression
kittyneko903 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
vous ne pouvez pas traduire les mots en français? et je vais vérifier votre profil, il est attirante! encore, je vais travailler sur les traductions françaises, ok?
gilbertnythrait Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Je sais pas quoi dire merci cest gentil
kittyneko903 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww merci! Et bien sûr! Je suis heureux de vous aider!
mizukihashbrown Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Student General Artist
don't worry sis once I know how hk works I'll read this, btw you type p fast
kittyneko903 Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
really? ii thought iit took awhiile...... but there will be a part two coming 2oon!!!!!! andthank2 for under2tandiing, 2ii2!!!
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